Tuesday, October 19, 2021

LMS Pilgrimage in honour of the Chideock martyrs


Chideock, near Dorchester in Dorset, has several Catholic martyrs associated with it: it was throughout penal times a recusant Catholic house with a chaplain who ministered to the local faithful. There were martyrdoms in 1587, 1588 (a martyr in chains); in 1594, and in 1649: more details here.


These local places of martyrdom outside London are unusual, and the more precious. In Chideock, near the Catholic recusant house where Fr Cornelius had been chaplain, a stunning church was built in their honour in 1874.


Last Saturday, for the second time, the Latin Mass Society organised a splendid pilgrimage there. A High Mass was celebrated befor Bishop Mark O'Toole of Plymouth, by Canon Scott Tanner ICKSP, assisted by his confreres Canon Poucin (deacon) and AbbĂ© Carlile (subdeacon).

Canon Tanner has just taken up a new apostolate in the diocese, in Torquay.


Photos by John Aron.


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