Saturday, May 02, 2009

A busy Sunday

Last Sunday, the Second Sunday after Easter, I sang at the fortnightly Sung Mass in Reading, which has become an established feature of St William of York, alternating with Low Mass. There are some more pictures of that Mass here.
2nd S after E 4
At 5pm, however, I sang the same Mass again in SS Gregory & Augustine, with the assistance of Mr Adrian Taylor, and some members of the Schola Abelis (it was technically the first day of term, so many of the students weren't around). This Mass is a first, which I hope will be repeated; there have in fact been no Traditional Sung Masses on Sundays since the end of the FSSP Mass Centre in 2005. The regular Sunday Mass at the Oxford Oratory, at 8am, is always Low.

So it was a particular joy to hear the Vidi Aquam and the prayer for the Queen, Domine Salvum Fac, which are only sung on Sundays, in Oxford once more!
2nd S a E6
The occasion for this Mass was the reception of an adult convert. Not to embarass him too much it was a wonderful occasion to welcome him into the Church; his wife has been very active in traddie circles and his sons serve the Mass. Here is a picture of him being incensed (with the rest of the congregation) by his son.
2nd S a E3
Lucy Shaw Cakes provided an appropriately decorated cake. The books include many of those which led him into the Church. As C.S. Lewis said, reflecting on his own experience, an agnostic must be very careful what he reads!
Lewin Cake

There are more photos of this Mass here, and more about the cake from Lucy Shaw Cakes.

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