Monday, May 04, 2009

Catching up with technology

I have created an account with Gloria TV. My home page is here.

The cantor pitched the Offertory a little high, but the hymn Caelitum Joseph is lovely.

To 'embed' a Gloria TV video in a blog post you may have to reduce it in size (you can change the size by clicking on 'details' next to the embed code on the Gloria TV site when looking at a video). The default width is 512; I've just increased the width of my blog posts to fit them, which is the best solution. (You have to change the html on blogger, but that's not as scary as it may sound.) Clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the video takes you to the video on the Gloria TV website; clicking on the relevant words on the right and left at the bottom will give you different levels of quality, depending on your connection speed. If you have a high-speed conection the best version
( is brilliant.

I've also created an 'album' of videos of interest to LMS supporters and friends, and an LMS 'parish', which other people can join. How useful these things will be time will tell.

Gloria TV seems to be a little coy about explaining how it works, but it has a lot of good features. And who wouldn't rather use a video site with the motto 'The more Catholic the better', rather than YouTube, which shows videos of people desecrating the Blessed Sacrament but pulls down videos critical of Planned Parenthood?

I have also recently gone onto Flickr: here's my home page. Most useful on Flickr is the page showing 'sets' of photographs. I've also established a Latin Mass Society 'group'; others can join this and add relevant pictures, which can also be moderated. At the time of writing, only a few weeks after I started it, there are 420 photographs in this group; it is clearly far faster and simpler than a photo gallery on a conventional website, though it doesn't necessarily replace it.

You can embed Flickr photos in blog posts very easily; you can either upload its url or use the 'embed' code they give (look at the picture in 'all sizes'). If you do the latter you may need to make it smaller; in Firefox this can be done by dragging.

Keeping up with the technology is hard work: you have to run to stay still! But it is not optional. Photos and videos are absolutely essential to promoting the traditional Mass in the modern world.

Please join these groups and contribute your content!

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