Thursday, May 07, 2009

Talks by Ampleforth Monks at the Catholic Chaplaincy

Although I was involved in setting these up, I'm a bit behind the curve on their actually taking place. One has already happened, another is happening this evening.

Here's a picture of St Benedict surviving the attempt by his fellow monks to poison him. They had asked him to be their superior but turned out to be unreformable; he left them and set up his own monastary, at Monte Cassino. See Wikipedia.

Benedictine Monks from Ampleforth talk about the way of St. Benedict.

The Order of St. Benedict has had a long connection with Oxford and is currently represented through the PPH St. Benet's Hall, which was founded from the Abbey of Ampleforth. This series of talks offers an insight into the spiritual tradition of one of the mainsprings of Western Christianity.

30 April: Fr Bonaventure Knollys OSB : The Beginnings of Monastic Communal Living

7 May: Fr Jeremy Sierla OSB : The Wisdom of St Benedict

14 May: Fr Chad Boulton OSB : How to be Benedictine without being a Nun or a Monk

21 May: Fr Colin Battell OSB : Monasticism - a Meeting of East and West

All talks take place on Thursday evenings at 8:30. Stop by for some pasta
first, or join us at 8:30.

Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy,
The Old Palace, Rose Place, OX1 1RD

For directions see here.

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