Sunday, May 03, 2009

A busy week

On Thursday I travelled to Cardiff to give a talk to the University Pro-Life Society there, on euthanasia. I see the advert for my talk is still on their website, in Welsh as well as English. (They also have a Facebook group.) I'm happy to say I wasn't required to speak or answer questions in Welsh, which would have stretched me a bit.

The Pro-Life Society in Cardiff is quite new, being founded only a year or so ago. We had a very lively dinner in an Italian restaurant before the talk, and the talk, in a science lecture theatre, was attended by about fifty people. Someone took a video of me talking, so this may turn up somewhere...

I was put in touch with the Pro-Life Society by the local Latin Mass Society Representative, who is also the LMS's Deputy Chairman, Kingsly Lewis. I was able to spend some time with Kingsly before the dinner, and we visited the Cathedral, among other places. It was completely destroyed in the Second World War, and hasn't had a very good time since the Second Vatican Council either. It is just the sort of church where some energetic traditionally-minded restoration could do wonders. The high altar has been replaced with the inevitable chair. Some of the surviving side altars are quite handsome. The tabernacle is in a movable, freestanding wooden box.

On Wednesday we had the first meeting of term of the Schola Abelis; on Friday we had our first Sung Mass, since it was the First Friday, which is usually sung in term time at SS Gregory & Augustine. Despite the small preparation time, the Mass went extremely well. The good turn-out we had at our practice augers well for the term.
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