Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photos from the FSSP Ordinations: 1

On Saturday 21st May Matthew McCarthy FSSP and Christopher Pelster FSSP were ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz at the Seminary of the Fraternity of St Peter in Denton, Nebraska (not far from Lincoln, the seat of Bishop Bruskewitz's diocese). Here are some photos.
2011 05 21_9686
Bishop Bruskewitz presides at Terce before Mass. This room, here set up as a chapel, was in fact the Seminary chapel until the new chapel was completed.

2011 05 21_9696
Bishop Bruskewitz processes in through a guard of honour provided by Knights of Columbus.

2011 05 21_9713
Bishop Bruskewitz at the throne; Matthew McCarthy, the English ordinand, can be seen in front with a candle.

2011 05 21_9729
The laying on of hands: Bishop Bruskewitz lays on his hands on the two ordinands; all the other priests present do the same.

2011 05 21_9734
Fr Armand de Malleray lays his hands on Matthew McCarthy; in front can be seen Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP, another English priest, lining up to do the same.

2011 05 21_9740
The new priests are clothed with a folded chasuble.

2011 05 21_9744
Having had their hands annointed, the new priests' hands are bound together.

2011 05 21_9745
Following the ceremony of the ordination, Mass resumes with the Gospel.

2011 05 21_9764
The new priests, kneeling at special prie dieus, and each with a missal and an assistant, follow the canon of the Mass, which the celebrant (uniquely) reads out loud.

2011 05 21_9759

2011 05 21_9767
Fr Matthew McCarthy gives the kiss of peace to Fr Armand de Malleray.

2011 05 21_9781
The superb liturgical schola singing the Communion antiphon.

2011 05 21_9794
Bishop Bruskewitz gives the final blessing.

2011 05 21_9804
Procession out.

2011 05 21_9818
Bishop Bruskewitz, Fr McCarthy and his family.

2011 05 21_9824
Bishop Bruskewitz speaks at the lunch following the ordinations.

2011 05 21_9828
The Seminary's cloister, where three newly ordained priests were giving first blessing: not only the two ordained that day, but Fr Damon Sypher FSSP, who ordained earlier in the month in Sydney by Cardinal Pell.

2011 05 21_9840

2011 05 21_9846
The British contingent at Denton. Top row, left to right: Leo Darroch, President of the Una Voce Federation, Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP, Fr Matthew McCarthy FSSP, and Ian Verrier, an English seminarian; bottom left and middle two first year seminarians (still in lay clothes); bottom right, me. All FSSP seminarians from England and Wales are sponsored by the Latin Mass Society.

There are lots more photos: slideshow, set.

Next I'll post about Fr McCarthy's first Mass, which took place on Sunday.

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