Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pilgrimage from Abingdon to Our Lady of Oxford

Yesterday we completed the Pilgrimage - a joint event between the LMS and Juventutem Oxford.

2011 05 14_9455
We started from the site of Abingdon Abbey. We are standing in an imaginative partial reconstruction dating from the 1920s...

2011 05 14_9461
Lunch in a pub in Sandford.

2011 05 14_9468
We picked up various people on the way. Before Sandford, a Catholic family doing the Thames Path, who were attracted by our singing the Litany of Loreto; at Sandford a couple more pilgrims joined us.

2011 05 14_9474
More joined us at the Catholic Chaplaincy when we got into Oxford. We sang 'Faith of Our Fathers' as we walked through Cornmarket.

We sang the Great Litany in St Giles and finished it in front of the Oxford Oratory, where Fr Joseph Welch sang Mass for us.
2011 05 14_9500

Saturdays in Trinity Term are busy, and our Pilgrimage coincided with a couple of other Catholic events; nevertheless it was a great occasion, and I look forward to doing it again.
2011 05 14_9511


  1. Jacobitess9:52 am

    Oh it makes me weep to think of ages when hundreds or thousands would sally forth in pilgrimages at great cost to themselves. It makes me wonder whether I should quit my summer job and go to Czestochowa again this summer. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your blessed journey, and pax tecum!

  2. Richard Collins7:18 pm

    I need to move to Oxford!