Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LMS Press Release on WYD

Our scheme to sponsor pilgrims to join the Juventutem group at World Youth Day was extremely successful, and had to be expanded because of the demand; in the end we sponsored 22 young people from England and Wales. See our press release here. Here are some of the pilgrims.


I also spotted one in a photo on Fr Z's blog. (Update: for some reason the photo has disapeared from Fr Z but can be found on the Free Republic site.)

Not surprisingly, to those who know him (he attends the Traditional Mass at the Oxford Oratory) he seems to have found himself at the centre of the counter-protest made by WYD pilgrims against the half-witted secularists. He's the chap in the light brown shirt to the left of the flag.


  1. JuventutemReading2:38 pm

    Dear Joseph,
    I would just like to make a quick amendment if I may, about the photo of the youth in the middle of the riot (a more apt description for the "protest"). The entire front row is composed of English-speaking Juventutem members. In fact the photo contains 6 members (though there were 9 including 5 from the UK) and 3 are English pilgrims that you have met! Look carefully!

    P.s. I wasn't there I was enjoying a talk by Fr de Malleray on the 4 last things at the Juventutem WYD church of St. John Bosco.

  2. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Thank you!