Sunday, August 28, 2011

Walsingham Day 3

Yesterday continued with showers, but with a lot of warm sunshine as well. We stopped to pray for the dead in the ruins of a pre-reformation Priory: we sang the Dies Irae and De Profundis, and Fr Rowe led us with prayers.

It was a long afternoon's walk - after a long morning's walk! We persevered with almost continuous singing, which is the key to keeping up morale, though my voice is suffering a bit this morning.

We arrived at last at Harpley Village Hall, and after a meal prepared by some very kind local ladies we visited the Crown pub and had a very jolly evening.

As one of our English Catholic poets (Dryden) put it

Drinking is a soldier's pleasure
Rich the treasure
Sweet the pleasure
Sweet is pleasure after pain.

We are now well on our way on our last leg to Walsingham, having a break in East Rudham, whose village sign has a picture of pilgrims making their way to Walsingham.

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