Monday, August 29, 2011

Walsingham: Conclusion

After a long morning's walk we made it to the Slipper Chapel, the Catholic shrine, in good time at 12.30. We had prayers outside the tiny historic chapel, where medieval pilgrims left their shoes to walk the Holy Mile to the Holy House in Walsingham. We were able to visit the chapel individually and prepare for Mass.

Fr Rowe celebrated a Missa Cantata for us at 2pm, with the Asperges, a Votive Mass of Our Lady since it it a recognised shrine. This was in the large, modern 'Chapel of Reconcilation', and was extremely well attended. In addition to our thirty foot pilgrims and about a dozen 'camp followers', there was a coachful from London, others from around the country and visitors from the 'Youth 2000' event taking place over the weekend.

After Mass we processed to the site of the Holy House and sang the Te Deum with 130 people.

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