Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reactions to the LMS Conference

Updated! (See comments.) IMG_9695
A number of bloggers were at the LMS Conference - some were giving talks! - and I thought I'd round up some of the blog posts which have appeared about it.

'Ches' of the Sensible Bond has an interesting post, in which he agrees with some of the speakers and not (entirely) with John Rao's talk.

'Super Trad Mum' of EthelredasPlace was live blogging on the day: she has posts about Dr Rao, Stuart McCullough, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Fr Finigan and the Rev John Hunwicke. Phew!

Fr Tim Finigan also has a post about the conference,

as does LMS Arundel & Brighton.

And most importantly of all, Mulier Fortis!

The LMS Press Release about it has found its way onto a number of blogs too, of course. I'd be interested to hear of any other reports about the conference.

The conference really exceeded my expectations, even from the beginning of the organisation. For, first of all, all the speakers I asked to speak agreed to come. That is, all the speakers we had were our first choice - we didn't need to fill in from a 'B' list. Luck, of course, played a part: none of them were obliged to be elsewhere. But it is also a testament to the Latin Mass Society's role in the traditional movement. We are natural people to be organising a conference like this, and it is natural that speakers like these should be happy to address us.

The talks, also, were all very well judged, for the audience, that's thanks to the speakers of course; even the order of speakers, which owed a lot to chance, turned out very well.

I don't know that we'll be able to provide another line-up quite like this one. But we'll certainly do another conference. I think next year would be too soon, but I'm aiming for 2014.


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    1. Sorry Mac! Wrote this post before you did yours and had it publish while I was away. Updated now!

  2. If you have one in 2014, please consider having Fr Crean as one of the speakers. He is superb!

  3. ;-) All is forgiven !!

    ...and it really was an excellent conference, so well done! I'm eagerly anticipating the next one.