Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fancy being 'Chief Executive' of Clifton Diocese?

If you thought that the 'Chief Executive' of diocese would be, if anyone, the Bishop, you were wrong - at least where Clifton Diocese is concerned. They are advertising for one: and according to the 'person specification' section, candidates for the job needn't be Catholic. (I'd really like to know what the 'values', as opposed to teaching, of the Church are.)
Here's the main blurb. Why not apply?
An excellent vacancy has arisen for a Diocesan Secretary to fulfil the role of Chief Executive within the Clifton Diocese
Diocesan Secretary
The Catholic Diocese of Clifton is seeking to appoint a Diocesan Secretary to fulfil the role of Chief Executive and coordinate the administration of the Diocese.
The holder of this important post:
Will lead the formulation and implementation of a strategy for the long term financial security of the Diocese
    Will have experience of leading a team of senior professionals and be committed to the mission of the Diocese
      Will create an approach to balancing the quality of service to clergy and parishes with the management of risk.
        Based in Bristol from autumn 2012, initially for one year, subject to review. Salary £65k. For more details see (Working for Us)
        Closing date: 5.00 pm Monday 13 August 2012.

        From the 'Person Specification':
        We seek a person who embraces the values of, but is not necessarily a member of, the Catholic
        Church. Experience of belonging to a Christian parish or similar community would offer valuable
        insights into the workings of the diocese.


        1. I just... just... spoken words have failed me.

        2. This is really bad news. This appointment will create a spokesperson and a new level of power and legitimacy for all those lay people who sit in endless committee meetings thinking up exciting new diocesan targets and initiatives that have nothing whatsoever to do with ordinary Catholic lives at a parish level. It is not just an expensive waste of money, but actually threatens to reinforce a semi-detached bureaucracy that has wide-ranging powers but little understanding of real Catholic issues.
          It has been said that the Bishop of Clifton is not well. He is taking a 4-month sabbatical in the next few months. I am sure we all wish him well. Perhaps he might decide that it is time for him to retire. In which case, the way would be clear for Archbishop Mennini to make another decision every bit as good as his recent appointment in Portsmouth.

        3. I wonder how many weekly collecting plate contributions from the laity will go to pay the administrator's salary - before any goes to the support of their pastors. 20,000?

          Remember as well as salary there are other payments, plus the cost of office accomodation, travel, conferences etc?
          Formulating strategy is terribly onerous work after all.

          Just a thought.

        4. Caroline, it is bad enough that laity are given such a voice but NON-CATHOLIC LAITY?? It defies belief

        5. I'm very sorry to hear that the bishop is unwell, but if that's the case then a Coadjutor would be more useful than a CEO.

        6. Anonymous9:54 pm

          Beggars belief! But then again, maybe that is the aim, in more ways than one.