Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP coming to Reading

Fr Mathew Goddard FSSP will be celebrating Mass in St William of York, Reading, at 11am on Sunday 29th July.
He is joining Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP in the Fraternity of St Peter's apostolate in Reading. Fr Goddard is the first of the Fraternity's English recruits to be posted here, an important milestone for the order in England, and for the cause of the Traditional Mass here.

He celebrated Mass in Reading (above) shortly after his ordination, in the fraternity seminary at Denton, Nebraska, in 2009. Before that, as a seminarian, he was on the staff of the St Catherine's Trust Summer School in 2007. Since his ordination he's been gaining pastoral experience in one of the Fraternity's well-established apostolates in Canada.

His father, a convert Anglican clergyman, is the custodian of the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Sussex: here they are together (left and centre), on the occasion of the Summer School visit to the shrine, with Fr Andrew Southwell, the Summer School chaplain.

So welcome to Fr Matthew, the first of many English and Welsh priests who will in time return to minster here, having been ordained for the traditional orders.

I won't be at this Mass, annoyingly, since it will be the last day of the Summer School, which is starting tomorrow. Next week will therefore be a bit of blogging hiatus; I'll be back with the start of August.

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  1. You and your people are well blessed to have Fr. Matthew Goddard in your midst as he is truly a good priest! Treasure this blessing and pray for him every day :)

    Diane Bartlett
    from St. Clement's, Ottawa