Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mgr Loftus redivivus

I thought I'd said enough on the subject of Basil Loftus, but my spies tell me that he may be attempting the kind of bully tactics, though not directly against me, which he employed with such mixed results against the Fr Mildew blog. (Successful in closing the blog; a failure, inasmuch as the campaign has made him a national laughing stock, and not in a good way.)

I should perhaps have made clearer that Mgr Loftus' appearance is really the least of his problems. In assessing a person's worth we look at his words and actions first and foremost. In assessing a newspaper columnist, we look at his writings.

That, of course, was what I was doing in my posts about his column of the ordination of women and altar girls, and his two lengthy replies to my two letters which the Catholic Times so indulgently printed alongside them. But perhaps Mgr Loftus thinks that this is too narrow an empirical basis upon which to make a judgement.

So do you want me to have a look at a wider range of columns, Mgr, with a critical eye? Would you relish a wider assessment of your views from me? Really?

That would take a bit of research, particularly as past columns are not available on line. Using those columns which have been retyped by enraged traditional Catholics, I think I can put something together without too much work, however. Think of it as an appetiser.

To be continued.

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