Friday, January 18, 2013

Travails of Communion in the Hand

This blog post is too good to miss: an American deacon, Greg Kandra recants his support for Communion standing and in the hand. It is wide open to all manner of abuses.

I've watched a mother receive communion, her toddler in tow, then take it back to the pew and share it with him like a cookie.
At least four or five times a year, I have to stop someone who just takes the host and wanders away with it and ask them to consume it on the spot. 
Once or twice a month I encounter the droppers. Many are well-intentioned folks who somewhere, somehow drop the host or it slides out of their hands and Jesus tumbles to the floor. 
A couple times a year I get the take-out crowd. They receive the host properly, and then pull out a hanky and ask if they can take another one home to a sick relative.

Go and read the whole thing.


  1. ''...interrogavit si Eucharistiam intus haberent. Respondebant: 'Quid opus est Eucharistia? Neque enim mori adhuc habes, qui tam hilariter nobiscum velut sospes loqueris.' Rursus ille: 'Et tamen,'' ait, ''afferte mihi Eucharistiam.' Qua accepta in manu interrogavit si omnes placidum erga se animum et sine querela controversiae ac rancoris haberent.''
    St Bede

    1. This quote is irrelevant to the discussion, since Caedmon (the subject of the quoted passage) was in Holy Orders when he took the host in the hand: therefore he was entitled to do so.

  2. Full a full treatment of the practice of communion on the tongue, see the FIUV position paper on the subject, here:

    We don't claim it was universal in the 7th Century. So what?