Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mass in London for Ebola victims: Maiden Lane 16th Feb

A recent Sung Mass in the historic Corpus Christi Maidan Lane,
where Sung Mass is celebrated every Monday evening.

The Feoderatio Internationalis Una Voce (International Una Voce Federation, FIUV) has had an appeal from Una Voce South Africa, on behalf of all our African friends, that where possible Processions, Litanies, and Votive Masses be said for the victims of the Ebola epidemic which is ravaging many parts of Africa.

In response, the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales is arranging Litanies of the Saints and a Sung Votive Mass 'in Time of Pestilence' at 6.30pm on Monday 16th February 2015 (feria before Shrove Tuesday) at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, London (click for a map) to be celebrated by Fr Patrick Hayward.

The FIUV calls on all its members and supporters to take up this example, at this time of suffering.

The Votive Mass 'in Time of Pestilence', Recordare, Domine, is an invaluable expression of the Church's teaching on such calamities. Only when we recognise that God is in control (as permitting, if not as positively willing), can we turn to Him for help. Only when we recognise the connection between human suffering and human sin (as a consequence and penalty, if not as a punishment for actual sin), will we be moved by these calamities to repentance, penance, and good works.

O God, who willest not the death of the sinner but that he should repent: welcome with pardon Thy people's return to Thee: and so long as they are faithful in Thy service, do Thou in Thy clemency withdraw the scourge of Thy wrath. Through our Lord...

Let the sacrifice which we now offer succour us, O Lord; may it wholly release us from sin and deliver us from all ruin and destruction. Through our Lord Jesus Christ...

Graciously hear us, O God our Saviour: deliver Thy people from the terrors of Thy wrath, and assure them of that safety which is the gift of Thy mercy. Through our Lord...

The lections are 2 Kings [or 2 Samuel] 24:15-19, 25 (God sends a pestilence on Israel; King David offers sacrifice); Luke 4:38-44 (the cure of St Peter's mother-in-law).

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