Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mass in Didcot for the Chair of St Peter


Last Thursday was the feast of the Chair of St Peter, and Fr Philip Pennington Harris celebrated it with a Traditional Missa Cantata. It was accompanied by the Schola Abelis of Oxford.


One of the difficulties a priest faces in starting to celebrate the Traditional Mass in a parish is that, if he wants to have sung Masses, both singers and servers are likely to be difficult to find. This can become a chicken-and-egg problem, as sung Masses are in many ways the best way to present the ancient liturgy to those who have not encountered it before. Only if people see how beautiful it can be, will they be motivated to go to great lengths to support it.


The Latin Mass Society is well placed to help in this situation, and singers and servers converged on Didcot from Oxford, Newbury, and London to assist Fr Pennington Harris. In the long term, if the EF continues to be celebrated in the parish, I am sure more local resources will develop. But these things can't be rushed.

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