Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eat yer heart out Fr Z!

I eat this breakfast twice a year: on my outward and return journeys to where I go on holiday.

So look out, world! I'm coming back.

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  1. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf9:21 pm

    Now that is a breakfast!

    And lunch and supper too!

    I had very good and very strong black coffee and one piece of toast with Nutella.

    I did have my coffee in my new edition of the "Say The Black Do The Red" mug, however!

  2. Paul Sean11:20 pm

    Quality! I eat that breakfast twice a week!

  3. marc puckett3:58 am

    What is the black circular thing that looks like unburnt charcoal for the thurible?

  4. Joseph Shaw8:35 am

    Black pudding!

  5. marc puckett3:17 am

    Ah; thanks.