Friday, February 22, 2013

Una Voce Federation Press Release on Abdication

Received today.

The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

International Federation Una Voce. 

The news that Pope Benedict XVI will leave the Chair of Peter on the last day of February 2013 was received with sadness by the members of the International Federation Una Voce.

Our founder President, Dr Eric de Saventhem, and his successor, Michael Davies, were always welcomed in Rome by Cardinal Ratzinger who was very supportive of the aims of the Federation in promoting the traditional liturgy and restoring the traditional Mass once more to the altar. The unwavering trust of our former Presidents was vindicated soon after the election of Cardinal Ratzinger to the Papacy in April 2005.

The promulgation of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, in July 2007, just over two years into his pontificate, was the act of a Pope who displayed courage in the face of great opposition. In the introduction to the motu proprio Pope Benedict said:

“Since time immemorial it has been necessary – as it is also for the future – to maintain the principle according to which ‘each particular Church must concur with the universal Church, not only as regards the doctrine of the faith and the sacramental signs, but also as regards the usages universally accepted by uninterrupted apostolic tradition, which must be observed not only to avoid errors but also to transmit the integrity of the faith, because the Church’s law of prayer corresponds to her law of faith.

Among the pontiffs who showed that requisite concern, particularly outstanding is the name of St Gregory the Great, who made every effort to ensure that the new peoples of Europe received both the Catholic faith and the treasures of worship and culture that had been accumulated by the Romans in preceding centuries. ….It is known, in fact, that the Latin liturgy of the Church in its various forms, in each century of the Christian era, has been a spur to the spiritual life of many saints, has reinforced many peoples in the virtue of religion and fecundated their piety.”

The immense courage of Pope Benedict XVI in declaring publicly what so many knew, but were either reluctant, or fearful of expressing, that the Roman Missal promulgated by Blessed Pope John XXIII in 1962 had never been abrogated and that this form of Mass was permissible, has brought, and will continue to bring, abundant graces to Holy Mother Church and future generations. With the wealth of teaching bequeathed to us, this clarification of the position of the traditional liturgy within the Church by Pope Benedict, was a most historic contribution to the Magisterium of the Church in reaffirming the link in worship of generations past to generations of the future. The usus antiquior of yesterday, is now of today, and will be of tomorrow. The second flowering of the usus antiquior does indeed bring joy to our youth. Its miraculous spread and increase, of which Pope Benedict has been the providential instrument, is manifest of the growing numbers of young people who are contacting the Una Voce Federation.

Accordingly, the International Federation Una Voce gives thanks to Almighty God for the Papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, to whom we convey our filial gratitude, and to whom we give, and will continue to give, our prayers and thanksgiving.

22nd February 2013.
Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.

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