Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Catholic funeral for Crookback Dick?

We should demand the Catholic rites to be used for the reinternment of King Richard III of England.

Being succeeded by Henry VII, father of Henry VIII, he was the penultimate King of England to die a Catholic, until Charles II was received on his deathbed.

There's a petition online, so fight the good fight, sign up and may he rest in peace.


  1. I suspect that the usurper state-sponsored eclesial body will insist on reinterring his remains, but it does remain open to us to celebrate a requiem Mass for the repose of our co-religionist's soul: perhaps the LMS could persuade the Leicester Dominicans to offer a Dominican rite requiem?

  2. Well said Dr Shaw. A Catholic king of England should be reinterred with Catholic rites lets promote this petition, its a good idea that the LMS should be involved.

  3. Well I signed the petition, perhaps as his majesty would be clueless if he walked in the ordinary form we should try and convince the Archbishop of Westminster to give His Majessty an Extraordinary Form Requium

  4. There was a comment on one blog that he should be buried at Arundel Cathedral, given that the first duke died at his side at Bosworth. Although not a royal foundation, it was built by the most senior aristocratic family in the country.

    As for rite, wasn't there a Rite of York? Would that be allowed?

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