Friday, July 03, 2015

Latin Course: special sponsorship for Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

IMG_0370I've had an email from a kind benefactor offering to pay the fee (£170) for any impecunious priest or seminarian from the Arundel and Brighton diocese who'd struggle to pay for the Latin Course.

All clerical and seminarian students at the course already get a 50% discount.

It is worth noting that priests and seminarians interested in learning the Old Mass can get some good practice - both 'dry' and 'for real' - at the Latin Course, where with all the priests present it is no problem have High Mass each day and a chance to swap around the roles. Priests not celebrating the High Mass can say a private Mass at one of the Altars of the parish church in Holywell.

Not long ago we had Fr Robin Farrow from A&B. Here he is giving 'first blessings' immediately after his ordination.

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