Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Interview with the 'New Emangelization'

Matthew Christoff
The other day I had a Skype interview with of the 'New Emangelization Project', about evangelising men and the teaching of the Church on the father as the head of the family.

He has put the audio here - it is more than an hour long! It was an enjoyable conversation and an important topic.

I've referred to the New Emangelization website a few times; it has some useful resources, including a large collection of such interview audios (arraned in alphabetical order). Getting the views of lay Catholics - not all men - and clerics on this subject is a major part of the Emangelization project.

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1 comment:

  1. I listened to this broadcast in the past day - thanks to you and Mr. Christoff for doing this.

    In the discussion you distinguished between the Catholic view of husband-wife-children relationship and the pagan view of the same, saying that while in the latter women (and children) were given chattel treatment, in the former women are treated with the human dignity that is rightfully theirs.

    Such a distinction is to be rejected as part of the destructive philosophy of feminism, is it not? Or how do we reconcile so egregious a divide in the natural (pagan) way of things compared to the order of grace. To begin with the assertion that pagan society was particularly unfair to women, doesn't it then make sense to hold the order of grace (as lived, for example, in the society of the Catholic family) as suspect at best in its fairness to women?