Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FIUV Position Paper 2: Liturgical Piety and Participation

I've published the second Position Paper: go over to Rorate Caeli to see it!

It addresses the objection to the TLM that it makes it harder to participate in the Mass, what with it all being in Latin, or silent, with the priest having his 'back to the people' and so on. The argument of the paper is that, in fact, these and similar things makes it easier to participate, because they communicate the necessary sense of awe. They contribute to the 'sacrality' praised by the Holy Father as a feature of the tradition.


  1. John Newton1:16 pm

    <span>I’ve read these papers and been impressed by them so far. I think they’re very good indeed. However, with this paper I was a little surprised not to see any mention of Gregorian chant. As Mediator Dei states, echoing the words of earlier popes: "so that the faithful take a more active part in divine worship, let Gregorian chant be restored to popular use in the parts proper to the people." The desirability of the people singing certain parts of the liturgy in chant was frequently emphasized in pre-conciliar papal teaching on the liturgy. </span>

  2. Joseph Shaw2:00 pm

    And not just the pre-conciliar Magisterium!
    But I think that deserves a paper of its own.