Tuesday, March 27, 2012

York Pilgrimage: from the Minster to the English Martyrs

After Mass we gathered in the open area between St Wilfrid's, where Mass took place, and the Minster, and Bishop Drainey led the procession from there all the way to the Church of the English Martyrs.
First we walked through the Shambles - called after the butchers who worked there. St Margaret Clitherow's husband was, indeed, a butcher, and they lived above the shop. By 'butcher' of course we don't mean a retailer of vacuum packed joints; the animals were butchered at the back. One of the houses in her street has been turned into a shrine; we paused outside it.
Bishop Drainey then drew our attention to the site of the martyrdom itself, which is at the end of Ousebridge. This is marked by a metal plaque.
Then we walked along Micklegate...
...through a gate in the city wall...
...and post the Bar Convent. All the time we were saying the Rosary. IMG_9331
Finally we turned right and into the street where the Catholic Church of the English Martyrs is to be found.
Another fine church. Only about half of the people at Mass in St Wilfrid's came on the procession (the choir sneakily used a mechanical means of transport to get there ahead of us!), but the church was still pretty full.
We all knelt to venerate the relic of St Margaret Clitherow, which is kept in this church, and Bishop Drainey blessed us with it.
And then with the Blessed Sacrament.
Then we all had tea, provided by some very nice local ladies, in the parish hall. As always it was quite tiring, but huge fun. I can't claim any credit for the organisation, so I congratulate those who can on a very well organised event. This is something where we can go to a bit of trouble, as pilgrims, and make a real witness to the faith. More photos.

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