Monday, March 12, 2012

Ordinariate gets its own liturgical calendar

The Ordinariate of the USA has got its own calendar approved: dowload it here. This goes far beyond a few local feasts one might find in a diocesan calendar. It is a serious attempt to maintain their patrimony. And funnily enough, that turns out to be a the Catholic patrimony.
  1. As in England, Ordinary Time will no longer be referred to, being replaced by Sundays after Epiphany or Sundays after Trinity, thus ensuring the whole liturgical year is now explicitly anchored and referenced to the mysteries of salvation.
  2. The three “-gesima” Sundays are restored.
  3. Rogation days before Ascension, and the Ember days in the four seasons of the year are restored.
  4. The Octave of Pentecost is restored, to be marked properly except for the readings which will be of the particular weekday.
The recognition of the value of the Season of Septuagesima, Rogation Days and so on by the Holy See in this official way, for a brand new initiative, is enormously significant. If it has value for the Ordinariate, then obviously it has value in the context of the Traditional Mass.

I understand the English Ordinariate has a very similar calendar, but you can't download it as far as I can find.

H-t Fr Hugh.


  1. Andrew Leach1:56 pm

    The calendar of the English Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is a PDF document available at

  2. I notice the Ordinariate has Sundays after Trinity, as opposed to Sundays after Pentecost in the Traditional Roman Rite.

  3. anthony jordan3:53 pm

    Jeff, I believe that the use of after Trinity follows the ancient Sarum Use of the Roman Rite.