Thursday, March 01, 2012

New book by Dr John Rao

To understand the present, you need to know history. Dr John Rao is the ideal guide: this book will take you through the history of the Church, her successes and failures, good and bad strategies, breakthroughs and dead-ends. It is a must-read for every serious Catholic.

Here's the blurb.

Black Legends and the Light of the World:
The War of Words with the Incarnate Word
John C. RaoD. Phil., Oxford University
Associate Professor of History, St. John’s University
Black Legends and the Light of the World is a thematic discussion of the whole of Church History, based upon the Roman Forum Summer Symposia at Gardone Riviera in Italy (1993-2011). It has three purposes. The first is to explain the successes of Catholic Christendom as the product of faithfulness to the fullness of the message of the Incarnate Word regarding the individual and society. A second is to connect its failures to an all too frequent clerical and lay Catholic willingness to believe and follow the guidance of rhetorical “word merchants” who either falsely blacken Christ’s teaching or emasculate it, rendering it incapable of changing fallen men and nature. The third is to demonstrate the essential unity of such destructive rhetorical game playing in its perennial war of words against the substantive natural and supernatural correction and transformation of man and society through the Word---from the age of the Sophists to that of Global Pluralism.
In order to begin the printing and distribution of this book as quickly as possible, I have persuaded my publisher to make a generous pre-order offer on Black Legends.  The book is already in the printing stage of production and will be ready for shipping by the end of March at the latest. The actual cost of this 680-page book has yet to be determined, but we have settled on a special price of just $30 on all pre-orders received before March 15.  Postage and handling costs are also to be waived.  Please send check or money orders to: The Remnant Press P.O. Box 1117, Forest Lake, Minnesota 55025.  Or, place your pre-order at www.RemnantNewspaper.comThis book will be available to buy at the LMS Conference on 9th June, where Dr Rao will be speaking. Book your place now!

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