Monday, March 05, 2012

FIUV Position Papers on the 1962 Missal

The Foederation Internationalis Una Voce (FIUV), the international federation to which the LMS, and an ever-growing number of associations from other countries, is affilated, is publishing a series of discussion papers on specific aspects of the 1962 Missal. These are all things in which the EF differs from the OF. They are brief (1,500 words), and while aimed at a general link the issues to the most recent relevant magisterial documents and modern liturgical scholarship.

The purpose of the papers is to inform those attached to the 'former liturgical tradition', and other interested Catholics, of good arguments in favour of these traditions, and to contribute to the debate about the future development of the 1962 liturgical books.

I am the 'Moderator' of the working group which is overseeing these papers. They are available on the FIUV website, and are being published one by one on the Rorate Caeli blog. A very interesting discussion is taking place there on the first paper, 'The Service of the Altar by Men and Boys'.

I've also put them on the LMS website.

We are very interested in comments and have a special email address where they can be sent, for those who'd rather not post them in a comments box:

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