Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Clergy Retreat

Clergy pilgrimage to Catholic Bavaria 7-11/12 May 2012, led by Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP.
Quiz: in which country can one order a – very good local – beer at a local ‘Gasthaus’ with a crucifix in every room – and with for every ‘Gasthaus’ two baroque churches to pray in? [Answer: AIRAVAB]
Monday 7 May, 3.10pm: landing at Memmingen Airport (direct Ryanair flights from London-Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin) and 45-minute drive to Wigratzbad (45minutes);
Tuesday: visit colossal Baroque Benedictine Abbeys ofOttobeuren, and Weingarten (with a relic of the Precious Blood venerated at the largest annual equestrian procession in the world) ;
Wednesday: preached recollection;
Thursday: visit shores of Lake Constance (Lindau peninsula, Cistercian Minor Basilica of Birnau cf picture right, ferry crossing to ancient Monastery Island of Reichenau where monk Hermann Contractus composed the Salve Regina);
Friday: free time and take off from Memmingen at 3.10pm – OR stay on and attend Diaconal Ordinations at FSSP Motherhouse next door on Saturday morning by Bishop Castet of Luçon (French Vendée), with take off at 3.10pm after ceremony and landing in London at 3pm (or any airport of your choice).

Also planned: next door is the International Seminary of St Peter and motherhouse of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger visited there on Easter 1990 and offered Easter Mass in the usus antiquior. A visit of the seminary and meal(s) with community can be planned for us. Possibility of attending some of the community Masses and Divine Office.
Although a pilgrimage, it will not be penitential but surely Marian, especially in Bavaria in the month of May, when the immaculate Queen of the country – Maria Patrona Bavariae – is honoured in a particular way.

Accommodation: We will be staying at the Marian shrine of Wigratzbad, in the comfortable Pilgrims’ Hostel with the option of single rooms with ensuite bathroom.
Estimated cost: £400 (all inclusive for 5 days in single room). Cheaper if 4 days and no ensuite bathroom. For convenience, each priest will book his own flight.
Booking: We only ask you to send us a £30 cheque as deposit made payable to FSSP ENGLAND. Please specify your name, contact details and whether you wish a single or shared room, with or without ensuite bathroom.
Liturgy: Priests are obviously free to offer daily Mass using the Missal of their choice.

Please contact Fr de Malleray if you have any questions:

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