Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Golden Thread of Faith: EWTN series sponsored by the LMS

The Latin Mass Society is the sponsor and co-producer of a new three-part series on the Catholic Faith in Wales. The series includes footage of the LMS Pilgrimage to Holwell last year, which was led by Bishop Rifan of Campos, Brazil.

It will be broadcast from 10th June; in due course the LMS will be able to sell DVDs of the series. Here's the EWNT schedule for that day.

I've seen an early draft of it, it is both fun and informative. 

Queen Boudicea: makes an appearance
The Golden Thread of Faith
Part 1 From Roman times to the Age of Saints 
A new docudrama series about the Catholic Church in Wales. In part one, the Roman conquest of Britain and how Christianity spread among the Romans and Britons. After the Romans left, Christians travelled around the western seas evangelising as they went.

Monday 10, 2:00, 9:00, 21:00 (30 mins) 

Part 2 From the Age of Saints to the Reformation 
St Richard Gwyn, Welsh martyr & LMS patron
For a thousand years the Catholic Church in Wales was vibrant, the village church and the great abbeys were the centres of Welsh life, an age when Wales placed Christianity at the heart of its existence.

Tuesday 11, 2:00, 9:00, 21:00. (30 mins) 

Part 3 From the Reformation to the Present Day Pilgrims 
King Henry VIII’s unwelcomed “Reformation”, the dissolution of the monasteries, Welsh recusants, Civil wars, the Titus Oats plot and the Welsh martyrs. Today Welsh Catholics can once again practice their faith and go on pilgrimages.

Wednesday 12, 2:00, 14:00, 21:00. (30 mins)


  1. This looks great. I look forward to seeing it!

  2. EWTN are the biggest religious channel in the world with 150 million viewers. it is important that traditionalist get involved. Thank you LMS for supporting this project.