Thursday, August 22, 2013

Autumn Mass of Ages on sale now

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Here are some taster articles you can read online.

True North - a season of testimony versus the tumult

Scarcely, if ever, can two LMS events have served as more acute occasions of counterpoint witness to Truth against society's seemingly insatiable desire to fall headlong into the destructive clutches of an increasingly liberal, relativist agenda.

The LMS - putting the Latin back in video!

Regular visitors to the LMS website will have noticed the recent appearance of some new buttons to click in the top right corner of our home page: Gloria TV and Vimeo. It's all part of the Society's increasing communications output...

En vacances holidays or hoydays?

Finally, summer arrived! If you were lucky, you may have been on holiday, or perhaps still planning one. Where did (will) you go to Mass? In the past few years we have made several wonderful trips to Catholic Europe with our children. Beautiful ancient churches in every village, stupendous cathedrals full of truly devotional art, saints' shrines and pilgrimage sites galore, not to mention affordable feasting and dependable sunshine - but Traditional Mass? Read more>>

And who does this, left, remind you of? Drawn by 'Br Choleric' (Fr Hubert van Zeller) and published back in 1973. It accompanies the 'Chairman's Message'.

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