Friday, August 30, 2013

LMS Walsingham Pilgrimage: Report and photos. Part 1

The 2013 Walsingham Pilgrimage was a fantastic experience, successful at every level. Here are some photos to give a sense of it.
The 2013 pilgrimage was our biggest ever, 25% bigger than last year, around the 90 mark including the support team. Last year was itself double the size of the previous year. It has been extremely successful in drawing people in: there were a number of recent converts on the pilgrimage, and for many people the intensive exposure to the Traditional Mass was like nothing they had experienced before.


This year we had four priests: Fr Bede Rowe, Fr John Cahill, Fr Thomas Crean OP and Fr Michael Rowe from Perth, Australia. So we had Solemn Mass every day. IMG_4214

The music was led by Matthew Schellhorn; it consisted of a number of pilgrim-volunteers. In the final Mass Matthew was joined by two professionals making a Byrd three-part Mass possible.IMG_0827

The cooking team was entirely dedicated to the task: cooking for 90 is no joke. We are quite a crowd now.

Many of the women were able to sleep indoors, but the men were outside in tents all three nights.IMG_4320

The weather varied from wet - IMG_0851

to sunny and hot.

 To be continued.

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