Saturday, August 10, 2013

Latin Mass Magazine: e-subscription

I have a hard-copy subscription, but I've just had this email from them about how you can take out an electronic one.

What better moment to do so than when the current edition carries an article under my name? A defence of the practice of the 'quiet' Low Mass, with just the server making the responses (they way it is normally done in England and the USA).


summer-2013-issue.pngThe Summer e-Edition of
The Latin Mass magazine is now available
The Summer 2013 issue of The Latin Mass: The Journal of Catholic
Culture and Tradition
 is now available onlineclick here.
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summer-2013-issue.pngHere are just a few of the Issue Highlightsyou will receive in our Summer 2013 issue
of The Latin Mass:

  • Dr. Ronald Connolly discusses Same-S*x
    "Marriage": Viewed from the Perspective
    of Nature, Environmentalism, and Children
  • Sister Marie-Bernard gives us an inspiring
    and heroic account of 
    Saint Jeanne d’Arc:
    With God all things are Possible – Part 1
  • Alice von Hildebrand begins a series on Dietrich von Hildebrand: Unified by Truth,
    Goodness, and Beauty 
  • Michael P. Foley reveals What the Traditional Latin Mass Can Teach the World
 And many more essays on our Catholic Culture!
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