Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dome of Home to get a Lottery grant


The Church of SS Peter and Paul and St Philomena in the Wirral, which was entrusted, as a shrine, to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest by Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury, has been awarded a grant for urgently needed repairs. It is fine church and a very important local landmark.

Read about it here.

The 'Dome of Home', so named because the distinctive copper dome can be seen from afar by returning fishermen and sailors, is a local centre for the Blessed Sacrament; they have an absolutely enormous monstrance which has to be winched into position on a special lift - all part of the original design - and of course of the Traditional Latin Mass, to which the Institute is committed.


The Institute has a great reputation for restoring fine old churches, and it was an inspired decision of Bishop Davies to entrust the church, which had been more or less disused for a few years, to them. Canon Montjean and his lay supporters have not let him down. Wonderful news!


The photographs are from a trip I made there in Passiontide.


  1. This is excellent news in every way. These Lottery grant applications are a nightmare, so they have done extremely well. Good also to see a BBC report that isn't being snide about Catholicism - even talking of 'Latin, the traditional language of the Roman Catholic Church'!

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