Sunday, September 08, 2013

Update on the Fransiscans of the Immaculate in England

The Friars at Stoke and the Sisters at Lanherne in Cornwall have both confirmed that they have the necessary permission to continue to have the Traditional Mass as they have in the past: in Stoke, on Sundays, and at Lanherne every day.


I don't know how the FFI are getting on elsewhere in the world, but this at least is very positive.


  1. From what I heard that the Latin Mass at their parish in Florence, Italy has been restored.

  2. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Konstantin, Dr. Shaw: Hopefully, this nasty palaver with the Friars will soon blow over, as it seems to be doing; and it will be 'back to normal' in a few months.

  3. There is an important lesson here for the future, for Orders and for ordinary parishes and parish priests.

    Any priest has the right to say the Mass of John XXIII
    Parishioners may attend this Mass
    Any group of parishioners may request this Mass and it must be provided
    Permission from the local Ordinary, or head of Order, is not required and they do not have the authority to forbid this Mass
    Any instruction countering these permissions would therefore contradict Summorum Pontificum and would be invalid unless done by the Pope, issuing a new Apostolic Letter with Motu Proprio, and giving due and conclusive reasons why the Summorum Pontificum was wrong and invalid.

    Summorum Pontificum was not“permission”, but rather a statement of what was already valid.

  4. Today the blog "The Eponymous Flower" is reporting that the Apostolic Commissioner has appointed the leader of the dissidents, Fr, Alfonso Bruno, as General Secretary of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. This is very bad news.