Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Baltimore Catechism on Kindle!

This is fun: the Baltimore Catechism Number 3 is now available for the Kindle book-reader.

Number 3 is the most comprehensive of the series, excluding the teachers' version, which is called Number 4. So this is the one suitable for preparation for Confirmation.

New Kindle Catechism

We are pleased to announce our new Kindle version of the classic Baltimore Catechism just in time for the return of students to the classroom this fall. Now anyone can have the truths of the Catholic Faith available to him on his own electronic device wherever he goes. This comprehensive eBook edition of the Baltimore Catechism contains the constant, authentic doctrine and moral teaching of the Catholic Faith. More than 500 clear and concise questions and answers are included.

Fr. Connell's catechism is superior to any other catechism, including any other Baltimore catechism. Answers are well developed with thorough explanations and Sacred Scripture is used extensively to amplify the answers. In addition, each chapter concludes with study helps, exercises, and a summary essay for teachers and students.

This eBook edition by The Seraphim Company of Fr. Connell's 1949 Baltimore Catechism No. 3 was originally published by Benziger Brothers. In addition to the original content, this eBook edition includes an excellent section of essential Catholic prayers at the beginning and twenty-two beautiful engravings with explanations. It is not only excellent for adults and children, but is also perfect for religious programs and anyone desiring information about the Church.

The Kindle version is available currently through Amazon and can be sampled there, CLICK HERE.

To watch a brief video about the catechism itself and for a link to the book version as well, CLICK HERE.

Besides saving time and the costs of shipping and handling, the Kindle version brings several advantages to the use of the catechism:
  • Convenience – access the Faith anywhere or anytime using your electronic device like a smartphone.
  • Usability – highlight, annotate, bookmark/tab, cross-reference, search etc. within the book very quickly, easily and at great depth.
  • Readability – increase point sizes, use backlit screen, enhance contrast for easier reading by anyone of any age.


  1. Is it possible to purchase this and send to other people?

    Msgr Loftus maybe, or possibly some selected members of the Bishops Conference?

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  3. The best questions and answers catechism is The Catholic Catechism by Cardinal Gasparri. It is available on Kindle as the "Catholic Catechism of Pius X" at the grand sum of 82p. It has the added plus that it is above the criticism that has been levelled at the Baltimore Catechism on a previous post of LMS Chairman.