Friday, September 27, 2013

Singing on the Pilgrimage to Walsingham

One of the most memorable aspects of the great walking pilgrimages, such as Chartres, is singing the Hail Mary. In deference to our French hosts, the British pilgrims on the Chartres Pilrimage sing it in French as well as in Latin and in English. In fact the French melody is such a characteristic sound on the Chartres Pilgrimage that it would be perverse not to join in.

In the video below we are singing it in Latin, to the usual melody used on the Chartres pilgrimage. It is amazing how this jaunty little tune keeps you going!

Here we are singing it in English. This is new, at least to; Fr Bede Rowe taught to sing it in two parts. In this video we are processing into Walsingham after Mass at the shrine.

 Here we are processing into the Catholic Shrine complex singing the Gloria Laus.


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  2. Sorta puts paid to the lazy caricature of typical elitist LMS members donned in tweeds and smoking jackets. Gosh, they all look so understated and humble and young and eager...and pretty worn out! God bless the lot of them. Well done for posting this Joseph. You never know, it might even alter a few false perceptions.