Friday, May 08, 2015

Filial appeal to the Holy Father on marriage

Read it. Sign it. Spread the word. (Click on the image.)

Christ, the great Prophet, who proclaimed the Kingdom of His Father both by the testimony of His life and the power of His words, continually fulfills His prophetic office until the complete manifestation of glory. He does this not only through the hierarchy who teach in His name and with His authority, but also through the laity whom He made His witnesses and to whom He gave understanding of the faith (sensu fidei) and an attractiveness in speech so that the power of the Gospel might shine forth in their daily social and family life.
Lumen Gentium, 35

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  1. St Ignatius of Antioch in his letter to the Ephesians, which can be read on page 1 of the latest issue of Into the Deep at has much to say to those leaders in the Church intent on corrupting her Faith through false and evil doctrine. These leaders are not only causing unnecessary confusion, but their so called 'merciful' approach is depriving the revealed mysteries, enunciated and articulated in Catholic doctrine of its salvific life.

  2. I fear no matter the translation he would ad lib - his disgruntled comments leave a lot to be desired. The new translation is good perhaps in the canon a glove for the old rite. It reads beautifully if you know how to read it. I'd read with adaptions and emotional responses to fit in with the mood of the congregation it will be lost