Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book now for the Pilgrimage to Chartres


Bookings for the Chartres Pilgrimage are now open.

As for the past several years, the Latin Mass Society is offering sponsored places, cutting the cost by £100 for fifteen people. See the details here.

This is a truly unique event, and participation is a truly unique experience. You need to be in reasonable shape to undertake this pilgrimage, it is certainly a physical challenge: a bit of preparation will make the whole thing more enjoyable. But all kinds of people do it, and there is no shame in dropping out if you really have to.


I've been on the pilgrimage three times, though I've only walked the whole way once, being affected by the heat and blisters the other two times. Probably because I am a weed. Actually, I've learnt various lessons about footwear and salt intake and I hope I could do it next time.

Above all I'd say to those who are young, who can take the necessary time off and don't have small children to worry about: don't miss your chance to do this kind of thing! The LMS can help you with the cost. There are certain cheap options which you can discuss with the organisers as well. Everyone interested in the Traditional Mass should experience the Chartres Pilgrimage, the great gathering of the traddy world.


I've blogged lot about it over the years if you care to search this blog; my post on the 2014 Pilgrimage with the British Chapter is here. Sadly, this year we won't have Mass in Westminster Cathedral before departing, as we're using the Eurostar train; the silver lining is that there is not such an early start.


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