Monday, November 16, 2015

Visit of Cardinal Burke

We had a wonderful weekend with Cardinal Burke. I don't have time to blog about it now, and I won't have time tomorrow, but I will do so thereafter.

As well as liturgies and public speaking, His Eminence granted an interview with Mass of Ages, the LMS Magazine. As a tiny taster, when asked what Catholics should do when confronted with bad teaching, he said:

I think Catholics should simply say that ‘I cannot accept this teaching as it goes against what the Church has always taught and practiced.’ I don’t think that Catholics should permit themselves to be driven away from the Church by those who are not upholding the Church’s teaching.

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  1. At the LMS requiem was refreshing to hear a prince of the Church refer to Purgatory and the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the souls thereof. I was slightly disappointed he didn't depart from his narrative to mention the victims of the Paris massacre.

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  3. The LMS Requiem on Saturday, for the Deceased Members of The Latin Mass Society, was a magnificent occasion. The Cathedral was packed; The Liturgy was Divine; The Teaching was Catholic.

    THIS Prince of The Church is a valiant defender of True Catholic Teaching.

    Deo Gratias.

    In addition, congratulations to The Latin Mass Society.

  4. Looking forward very much to hearing more about Cardinal Burke's visit.

  5. Good and faithful servant of God, Cardinal Burke inspires me try harder to be a better Catholic. God bless him.

  6. ‘I cannot accept this teaching as it goes against what the Church has always taught and practiced"

    That is the line I have always taken, But it does not seem to be going down well even in what appears to Catholic circles these days.