Thursday, November 12, 2015

Requiem in St Benet's Hall

Don't forget to attend, if you can, Cardinal Burke's celebration of the LMS' Annual Requiem: this Saturday, 14th November, 2pm Westminster Cathedral.


A work of pietas undertaken by current and former members of St Benet's Hall, to offer Mass for the repose of former members and benefactors of the institution, facilitated by the Latin Mass Society.


If a Catholic institution of any kind does not have an annual requiem for this intention, then it should do.


The celebrant was Fr Edward van der Burgh of the London Oratory, a former JCR President.


We had a simple catafalque for the 'absolutions', a beautiful ceremony after Mass in which the celebrant blesses the absent bodies, represented by the catafalque, with holy water and incense.


Mass was sung, and accompanied by the Schola Abelis, a chant schola composed of students and senior members of Oxford University, and 'townies' too.

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