Friday, March 21, 2014

Congratulations to Bishop McMahon!


Bishop Malcolm McMahon of Nottingham (not be confused with Bishop Thomas McMahon of Brentwood, who is nearing retirement), is to be the new Archbishop of Liverpool.

Bishop McMahon is a Dominican, and was the first Ordinary (as opposed to Auxiliary Bishop), to celebrate the Extraordinary Form in his diocese. He did this in the Dominican church in Leicester, Holy Cross, some years ago. Since then he has celebrated Mass for the Latin Mass Society during last year's Priest Training Conference at Ratcliffe College, near Leicester. More photos here.

His appointment, following that of Fr Robert Byrne as an Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of Birmingham only a few days ago, is an indication that involvement with the Traditional Mass is not a black mark on one's record under Pope Francis.



  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    Not an appointment I was expecting, by neither was Fr Byrne's! This pope can still surprise, and Abp Mennini is certainly doing his job.


    PS Bishop Malcolm in actually in Nottingham. ;-)

  2. And yet a certain pro-life organization doesn't like his appointment: can't please em all!

  3. Bishop McMahon is the one responsible for appointing Greg Pope to the Catholic Education Service. Bishop McMahon who believes that the church has a valuable link to the government.
    It's not surprising that pro-life organisations are not impressed.
    I am disappointed to see that he has this promotion. Disappointed to see that LMS are happy about if.

  4. Bishop McMahon was responsible for appointing Greg Pope to the Catholic Education Service. Bishop McMahon claims that the Church has a close relationship with the Government.
    I can very much understand why any and every pro-life (and other good) organisation would disapprove. I am somewhat surprised to find a "Traditional Catholic" organisation approving.

  5. Simon Reilly. I assume this is the pro-life group that you are seeming to criticise.