Sunday, June 26, 2011

Juventutem Mass at St Patrick's Soho Square

2006 01 23_0299
On Friday evening Juventutem London had a really splendid Mass in St Patrick's Soho Square, thanks to the hospitality of the parish priest, Fr Alexander Sherbrooke. The church has recently been reopened after a very extensive restoration, which among other things has made Mass ad orientem possible once more in the sanctuary.
2006 01 23_0301
It was a Solemn Mass. Fr Patrick Hayward was celebrant, Fr Seán Finnegan deacon, Fr Tim Finigan subdeacon. Fr Aidan Nichols OP preached and Fr Ray Blake heard confessions. Mass was very well attended, and a large group of us went to dinner together afterwards. Bones was there too - what with Juventutem London and Juventutem Oxford it was quite a blognic in fact!
2011 06 24_0218
The Mass was accompanied by the Schola Abelis with chant and polyphony.
2011 06 24_0238
Here's a little Finigan/Finnegan revision for my readers.
2011 06 24_0242
Fr Finnegan on the left, Fr Finigan on the right! Fr Hayward in the middle. A hearty thanks to all of them!

There are more photographs here (slideshow).

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