Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pilgimage to Stonor

2011 06 19_0114

On Trinity Sunday the Latin Mass Society's first pilgrimage to Stonor took place. With the kind permission of Thomas, Lord Camoys, we had a Sung Mass in the medieval chapel, attached to this great house where the lamp of the Catholic faith was never extinguished, even in the darkest days of the persecution.

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Although dating back to the 13th Century the interior was remodelled in the 18th Century in the 'Strawbery Hill Gothick' style, the style of two other Recusant Catholic chapels where the LMS regularly has Masses in Oxfordshire: Milton Manor and Mapledurham. Those two chapels have essentially flat ceilings, and it is interesting to see the 'gothic effect' plaster panels superimposed on a genuine Gothic ceiling. This decoration dates from 1759, with additions in 1797.

2011 06 19_0120

The chapel is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, so this was its patronal feast.

The Mass was accompanied with chant by the Schola Abelis.

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