Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching up: Solemn Mass in the Birmingham Oratory

With Easter and other things I've not had a chance to post my photos of Solemn Mass on Passion Sunday (ie, the Sunday before Palm Sunday), at the Birmingham Oratory, which I attended on my way back from the LMS York Pilgrimage.

The Birmingham Oraotory is a really splendid church; not as grand as the London Oratory, but very impressive, and in a very unusual Romanesque style.

The Birmingham Oratory now has a Traditional Solemn Mass every Sunday at 10.30am. This is the only place in England where this is found. It is well attended, and accompanied by the parish's small choir.
They naturally have a shrine to Bl John Henry Newman, with a reliquery. Although no first-class relics were recovered from his grave, they have a lock of hair. 

More photos.

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  1. From the new reliquary between the choir stalls of the Bl Newman shrine, it seems they managed to find a first class relic in the form of a bit of bone; I assume after going through the mud excavated.