Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Retreat and Chant Course

IMG_9740 IMG_9621
Last weekend (Friday to Sunday) the annual St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat took place - for the 6th year - and alongside the Gregorian Chant Network Weekend Chant Course - for 4th year, counting the first one we did before the GCN was actually founded. Both were great fun. We have been tinkering with the schedule of the Chant Course to make it integrate seamlessly with the Retereat, while working as well as possible in its own terms. I'm increasingly convinced that the combination of the two events, which is really fortuitious, is a huge boon. The Chant course singers get to sing at a succession of real, live liturgies with a real, live congregation, and the Retreatants get the kind of singing support for Mass, Vespers, Compline and Benediction which you could only expect if you were having your retreat in a large monastery, or paying vast sums for professional choirs.

My photos are still uploading, so I'll do a proper report on the whole thing tomorrow. IMG_9637 IMG_9630

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