Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Tenebrae, the very moving Matins and Lauds of the Triduum, is an integral part of the traditioinal liturgy for the Triduum; it gives us the opportunity to reflect in an unhurried and profound way on the mysteries of the season. It has given inspiration to some of our finest Catholic composers, who have adorned the services with some wonderful polyphony, which compliments the very solemn chant.

It is also very demanding on the singers, at a time when there is already a lot to sing. It is therefore very good news, and a very good sign, to see tenebrae being celebrated in more places this year. I hope that this will continue to grow, and more places will be able to offer the full set of services.

In Reading: from 10 to 12noon on each day, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, in St William of York, alongside a celebration of the Triduum services with Solemn ceremonies (deaon and subdeacon).

In St Mary Moorefields, where the full Triduum is being celebrated, Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday is being celebrated on Wednesay evening at 6.30pm, with polyphony by Gesueldo, performed by Cantus Magus.

In St Bede's, Clapham Park, where the full Triduum is being celebrated between St Bede's the chapel of La Retraite school, Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday is being celebrated on Wednesday evening, at 7pm, with polypohony by Victoria and others, which will be sung by the Cantores Missae.

I myself will be at the Wednesday service in St Mary Moorfield's, with the chant singers.

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  1. Mark M9:23 pm

    Tenebræ will also be celebrated each day of the Triduum at 10am at St Andrew's RC Church in Edinburgh!  

    for more information, see