Saturday, April 28, 2012

Women beware women

Catholic Voices have asked Joanna Bogle and Sarah de Nordwall to give them a talk, in an in-house gathering. Not ground-rockingly surprising, you may think, but the fact that, shock, Joanna Bogle isn't in favour of women's ordination, and, horror, Sarah de Nordwall is pro-life, has aroused the ire of the absurd Tina Beattie. She claims, jaw-droppingly, that they have 'relatively affluent backgrounds so are likely to have little experience of the issues that poverty presents for any women.'

Austin Ivereigh responds, within this news item, as follows: 'It is a bit rich, if you'll excuse the pun, for Tina, with her professor's salary, to pour scorn on our speakers for being 'affluent' (how does she know?) and to criticise them for not knowing about poverty. She should get out of suburban Roehampton some time.'

A swallow doesn't make a summer, but the fact that they've asked for, and printed, Ivereigh's response in this way may suggest a slight improvement in The Tablet's journalistic standards.

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