Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tenebrae in St Mary Moorfields

download (1)UPDATE: Mulier Fortis has posted some videos!

I attended, and sang at, the anticipated Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday last evening, in St Mary Moorfields. This is where, thanks to the generosity of the Parish Priest Fr Peter Newby, the Easter Triduum organised by the LMS for the Westminster Diocese finds its home.

Tenebrae is a long service, and people continued to drift in throughout it. I rather like that, it reminds me of the practise of the oriental churches, where people come and go throughout their very long services. Not everyone can spare the time for the whole thing, not everyone can get away from work in time for the start.

In the choir loft Cantus Magnus sang the Responsories to polyphonic settings by Carlo Gesueldo, nephew of St Charles Borromeo and an extraordinary musician. It is said that some of his compositions were influenced by his repentance for his murder of his wife and her lover. The ones we heard last evening are certainly very heartfelt.
Cantus Magnus was excellent. It is a great thing to be able to place this kind of music in its proper liturgical setting, with an appreciative audience. We had a good number of singers for the chant, also, there were a dozen of us, including several from the Juventutem London Schola; Juventutem London has its monthly Masses in St Mary's. On 29th June their Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Alan Hopes.

St Mary Moorfields is a fine church, a remarkable thing to be able to walk into from the restless streets of the City of London.
A couple more photos here.

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