Friday, October 24, 2014

Pro-Life Witness on Saturday


Saturday, 25th October


Please note these guidelines (on advice from the police) for the pro life witness which we have had to implement as we have recently had counter-protesters.

We will all stand on the grass just in front of the Church wall. Please will everyone stand in a row. Young (and fit!) people can stand up on the wall if they choose.    

The Holy Rosary will be led by Fr John Saward and he will not raise his voice in response to the protesters' noise. Our responses will also be quiet and reverent.

*  Please will everybody not enter into any discussions/debates with the protesters - the advice is to completely ignore them and to not make eye contact. (Evil hates to be ignored.)

If you would prefer to pray inside the Church, please know we have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the hour.

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1 comment:

  1. I did try to post here on Friday but nothing happened. There did seem to be a few days without replies so perhaps there was a problem in the system.
    I trust that this Witness went well. It would be good to hear some news on it.
    In my earlier attempt at a post I was looking for opinion on talking to those who may be looking to seriously discuss the subject.
    The correct advice above is to ignore protestors.
    However you will on occasions be approached by someone who might be a genuine don't know, or even someone who is more with us or against and wants a chat.
    I remember the last time I attended a similar event, albeit not one with prayers, one if our members spent a long time discussing the issues with a neutral. His wife, who I was standing with, would have liked him to have shut up. Clearly you don't know the exact situation but does anyone who attends such events have strong feelings either way on this? It would be good to hear if you do.