Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The restoration continues: Willesden

The Shrine of Our Lady of Willesden in North West London, the restored Medieval Shrine visited by St Thomas More and St Josemaria Esciva, has been restored by its custodian, the Parish Priest Fr Stephen Willis. Fr Willis has also, at the request of Cardinal Nichols, started a weekly Traditional Mass in the church.

The church is rather fine, and on the occasion of the annual LMS Pilgrimage to this shrine, the foremost Marian shrine in the Archdiocese of Wesminster, I have photographed it: see here. The shrine itself is in a side chapel.

Before restoration:
2011 06 22_0189

After restoration:

Fr Willis discovered that the apse, marble, decoration and all had simply been hidden behind sheets of hardboard. It was just waiting to be rediscovered.

A fantastic achievement; I can't wait, now, to go back!

The main church. The shrine is off to the left.
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  1. Gosh, what a find! I remember going on a pilgrimage to this shrine some 35 years ago with a member of Opus Dei. It looks a lot better now.

  2. Wow! How much better is that?!

  3. Stunning! On a couple of occasions when working in NW London I have had time to visit the shrine. I very much look forward to seeing the restoration. News of a regular Latin Mass is also most welcome.